Rebekah Bowman
Artist Statement

Having lived much of my life as a foreigner in various countries, from my mother’s native land of Mexico, to Colombia, Germany, Austria, the UK and several US cities—I know what it is to be on the outside looking in. I have been fortunate because my experience in this regard has for the most part been positive, and although I never truly fit in, the transience has sharpened my awareness of how deeply cultural expression and national character are intertwined.

As a photographer I am interested in highlighting daily practices that come out of a local community’s shared belief system, religious or secular. Rituals around how we eat, work, play; around family and rites of passage, how we express ourselves through short, the underlining structures of human experience that we share, but express differently depending on where and how we live. We are one large, dysfunctional family, existing together and apart, helping and harming one another through our appreciation or misunderstanding of these various living patterns.

I want to create images that explore and celebrate the complexity of our human family and its mundane realities, its vulnerability and resilience.
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